Tuesday, 31 December 2013

ZF2 Installation steps

Zend Framefork2

Firstly know your php version by writing php -v on cmd

For that you need to set environment variables


a)right click My Computer->Properties->advanced->Environment Variables->Search for path add ;c:\xampp\php

All set to go

Steps Of Installation

1)Upgrade php to > 5.3.1

2)Better option reinstall xampp


3)download Zend skeleton from github from the following link

4)first time when you will run your application skeleton it will ask for composer

For that just follow these steps

a)Open cmd
b)Browse to the location of application
c)run the following 2 commands
php composer.phar self-update
php composer.phar install

There are a number of articles you could read that could help:
Also, these blog categories have useful info:
For source code:

The documentation for the skeleton app includes instructions on using composer to pull ZF2. Composer also handles all your auto-loading needs, so you don't need to manually configure your PHP autoloading, which is another great reason to be using it.

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